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The kitchen staff likes them. Hungry students like them. Burke fully cooked pizza toppings and meats of all varieties are a popular mainstay in school menus. We also offer many other fully cooked meats that work well in ethnic dishes, pasta, salads, sandwiches, soups and more.

With increased pressure to meet guidelines and budgets and the logistics of feeding so many, it makes a difference which company you select to provide your CN and other meat products. We make preparation and pleasing students easier. We want you to be fully satisfied with every aspect of your choice to feed students well.

  • Select from a variety of flavor profiles for kid-friendly foods
  • Expect the highest quality in meats, preparation and ingredients
  • Our meats are versatile, a convenient solution for lunchroom applications
  • Meat equivalencies simplify the challenges of menu calculations
  • Fully cooked IQF meats are safer, measure precisely and are easy to work with




Product Order
Meat Equivalency Size Extension Pack
PORK TOPPINGS            
Cooked Sausage, Italian Flavor, Mild 57599 3417 11.00 oz 80/oz All Meat 1/30 lbs
Pork Patty Crumbles, Italian Flavor 57573 3317 13.53 oz 38/oz High 1/30 lbs
Pork Patty Crumbles, Italian Flavor 17538 17538 13.53 oz 70/oz High 1/40 lbs
Pork Patty Crumbles, Breakfast Flavor 57574 3318 13.45 oz 100/oz High 1/30 lbs
BEEF TOPPINGS            
Beef Patty Crumbles 57575 3319 13.72 oz 100/oz High 1/30 lbs
Cooked Turkey Sausage, Italian Flavor 57858 5270 11.43 oz 75/oz Light 1/40 lbs
Turkey Patty Crumbles, Breakfast Flavor 57445 25171 12.22 oz 20/oz Irregular Moderate 1/30 lbs
Turkey Topping, Italian Flavor 57855 5230 13.25 oz 85/oz High 1/30 lbs


Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program.
Bulk packaging available.

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