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Italian Sausage Links

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Whether serving New York-style pizza or expanding your menu with Italian sausage hoagies, authentic Italian links keep your customers coming back. Select whole links or bias-sliced sausage to create a signature appearance with pre-sliced convenience.

Get the advantages of Burke sausage

  • Authentically seasoned, distinctively flavorful
  • Available in mild or hot and whole links or slices
  • An array of bias-sliced sausage links in pork, beef and chicken to fit a variety of menu needs
  • Fully cooked means greater speed and output, less training and fewer worries about the dangers associated with raw meat



Product Order
Size Pack
Italian Sausage Links, Mild 57676 40072 Approx. 4.5 Links/lb, 5" Link 2/5 lbs
Italian Sausage Links, Hot 57677 40074 Approx. 4.5 Links/lb, 5" Link 2/5 lbs
Sliced Italian Sausage Links, Hot 57613 35614  39 mm x 4 mm Thick  2/5 lbs
Bias-Sliced Italian Sausage Links, Mild 58128 92672 43 mm x 1.5/2.0 mm Thick  2/5 lbs
Bias-Sliced Italian-Style Chicken Sausage Links, Mild 64541  64541 43 mm x 3 mm Thick  2/5 lbs
Bias-Sliced Italian-Style Beef Sausage Links, Spicy 59452  46426 43 mm x 2 mm Thick  2/5 lbs


Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program.
Bulk packaging available.

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