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Organic & Natural Toppings

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Satisfy your customers’ desire for a greener alternative with Burke’s NATURASELECT® natural pizza toppings.

Ride the trend by selecting well

  • “Clean label” with a short list of easy-to-read ingredients
  • Natural products have no artificial ingredients added
  • Made from premium quality pork and beef, which come from farms that promote traditional farming methods and adhere to strict natural protocols
  • Organic-certified plant. Contact us about product availability.

Burke's natural toppings

  • Minimally processed and no artificial ingredients used.
  • Beef raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones and fed natural feeds.
  • Pork raised without the use of antibiotics and fed natural feeds. No synthetic nitrites or nitrates added to Canadian-style bacon or pepperoni.



Product Order Code Label Code Size Pack Size
Natural Italian Sausage 58634 80016 Avg 20/oz 2/5 lbs 
Natural Seasoned Ground Beef 58635 80029 Avg 28/oz 2/5 lbs 
Natural Sliced Canadian-Style Bacon, 3.25 in diam 58039 80032 52 Slices/lb 4/2.5 lbs 
Natural Sliced Pepperoni 58040 80064 16 Slices/oz 2/5 lbs 
Natural Shredded Seasoned Chicken Breast w/Rib Meat 57518 30096 Shredded 2/5 lbs 


Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program.
Bulk packaging available.

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