You Expect Safe Food Products, and Burke Delivers

Burke is an industry leader in food safety. We work to protect your reputation with

  • Validated Processes
  • Traceability Programs
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Continuous Training

In fact, independent food safety auditors give us consistently high marks on all aspects of our food safety program.

Safety Advantage of Pre-Cooked Meat Toppings

The number one reason to use pre-cooked meat toppings is food safety. As a pathogen carrier, raw meat is often implicated in food-borne illness outbreaks in foodservice operations.
Even though thorough cooking kills most of these harmful bacteria, it is the difficulty in enforcing safe handling practices and good personal hygiene that is most frequently the cause of raw meat-related outbreaks, often with serious consequences.
The use of pre-cooked meat is a highly effective means of reducing the risk of food-borne illness caused by the contamination of ready-to-eat foods with pathogenic bacteria.