Custom label programs are an important component of many distributor growth strategies. Count on Burke to support your custom label brand building with consistent and trusted products, as well as sales support at the street level.

And help your end-users enjoy the benefits of fully cooked meats

  • Food Safety — With fully cooked meats, end-users avoid the dangers associated with raw meat in their operation.
  • Convenience — Since most products are IQF, operators simply open a bag, measure the amount needed and place it directly on the pizza or in the recipe from a frozen state. That means less waste and easier training.
  • Throughput — With less time at the make table, operators have faster table turns and more to the bottom line.
  • Consistency — Consistency translates as quality, and fully cooked meats are more consistent in flavor, size, and appearance.

*Custom formulation and custom labeling is available with minimum orders. Our minimums meet the needs of smaller growth companies.