Private labels. Does Burke offer a private label program for distributors?
Yes. Burke has extensive experience in partnering with distributors on their private label programs. Minimum order requirements apply.

Custom formulation. Are custom products available for my private label program or my operator customers’ specific needs?
Yes. The Burke research & development team has extensive experience in formulating custom products based on flavor, size and species for products that meet minimum order requirements.

Samples. How can I sample Burke products?
Contact the Burke sales manager for your region or complete our Sample Request Form and we will work with you to find the right product for you and your customers.

Pricing. Can you send me a price list for Burke meats?
Please contact the Burke sales manager for your region to discuss pricing and availability.

Minimum orders. What is the minimum order for direct shipments?
Burke’s minimum for direct shipments is 2000 pounds. Smaller orders are generally facilitated through foodservice distributors.

Support. How does Burke support distributors and DSRs?
Burke supports its Distributor Partners with quality product, sales support and expertise, customer service support, product information management, and end-user sales support. For more information, please visit Distributor Partner Support.

Foodshows. Does Burke support distributor foodshows?
Yes. Contact the Burke sales manager for your region to discuss our participation in your distributor foodshow.

GS1. Is Burke GS1 compliant?
Yes, Burke product information is available through GS1 partners.

Shelf life. What shelf life may I expect for Burke meats?
Shelf life varies by product species, storage conditions and other variables. However, when kept frozen, most Burke meats have a shelf life of 6 months maximum.

Benefits. What are the benefits of fully cooked meat vs. raw meat?
Fully cooked meats require less time and training, provide greater consistency and avoid the food safety hazards of raw meat. For more information, visit Burke’s True Cost of Raw Calculator.

Complaints. Where do I submit a complaint or improvement opportunity?
Please contact your Sales Manager or call Customer Service at 800.654.1152.

Menu Ideas. Where can I find new menu ideas and applications for Burke fully cooked meats?
Burke is regularly adding menu ideas and recipes to our blog, Meat Your Ideas. To receive updates of the latest industry trends, menu ideas and marketing tips delivered directly to your inbox, we recommend that you subscribe to our blog.

Portioning. How much sausage, beef, pepperoni, chicken or other fully cooked meat do I put on a pizza?
Download our free Pizza Toppings Portion Guide, which gives you light, medium and heavy portions for 14 crust sizes.

I am an operator with a question about distribution.
Please go to the Pricing and Distribution FAQ on the Independent Operators tab.