Made Simple® Blends

Trends show consumers are looking to add more vegetables to their diets, so we developed MADE SIMPLE® Blends. These delicious, all-natural* blends of meats and veggies are versatile enough to put anywhere on your menu and innovative enough to meet changing customer demands.

The Made Simple® product line gives you all-natural*, minimally processed toppings which are free from artificial ingredients. Discover all of our fully cooked clean label products.

Order Code Label Code Size Pack Size
All-Natural* Pork & Cauliflower Sausage* 85706 85706 Crumble 2/5 lbs
All-Natural* Beef & Mushroom Sausage*
86228 86228 Avg 12/oz 2/5 lbs


Label Claims
* Minimally Process – No Artificial Ingredients
Processed according to the strictest USDA standards and a USDA-approved HACCP program.
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