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Thank you for your interest in Burke and our line of fully cooked meats. We hope that you have found the information that you were seeking; but if not, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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Foodservice Contact

Click on the region below to find your Foodservice Contact

Foodservice Regions
Dan Canale-Eastern Division Sales Manager

Dan Canale

Eastern Division Sales Manager Cell | 609.330.5961
Craig Willard-Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager

Craig Willard

Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager Cell | 804.301.7285
Craig Willard-Mid Atlantic Regional Sales Manager

Craig Willard

Mid Atlantic Regional Sales Manager Cell | 804.301.7285
Jay Clough-Mid-Central Regional Sales Manager

Jay Clough

Mid-Central Regional Sales Manager Cell | 641.590.4113
Julie Fernandez-Mid-South Regional Sales Manager

Julie Fernandez

Mid-South Regional Sales Manager Cell | 678.591.2181
Connie McGowin-Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Connie McGowin

Midwest Regional Sales Manager Cell | 515.231.8334
Joseph Suero-Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Joseph Suero

Northeast Regional Sales Manager Cell | 585.734.0283
Bob Darling-Northwest Regional Sales Manager

Bob Darling

Northwest Regional Sales Manager Cell | 425.736.4480
Tyler Sattich-Ohio Valley Regional Sales Manager

Tyler Sattich

Ohio Valley Regional Sales Manager Cell | 502.836.4890
Majid Shoghi-South Central Regional Sales Manager

Majid Shoghi

South Central Regional Sales Manager Cell | 512.773.0262
Collin Cole-South Central East Regional Sales Manager

Collin Cole

South Central East Regional Sales Manager Cell | 918.346.7992
George Hennion-Regional Sales Manager | California/Southwest

George Hennion

Regional Sales Manager | California/Southwest Cell | 916.878.9642
Valarie Rossman-Director, Foodservice Sales, West

Valarie Rossman

Director, Foodservice Sales, West Cell | 480.363.3502

Industrial Contact

Industrial Contact
Lisa Kalla-Industrial Sales Manager | Eastern Division

Lisa Kalla

Industrial Sales Manager | Eastern Division Cell | 320.232.0086
Andrew Michaelsen-Industrial Sales Manager | Western Division

Andrew Michaelsen

Industrial Sales Manager | Western Division Cell | 515.422.6716

Corporate Contact

Burke Corporate Headquarters

Burke Corporation

1516 South D Avenue
PO Box 209
Nevada, IA 50201

Mike Dougherty-Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mike Dougherty

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Scott Miller-Director, Foodservice Sales, East

Scott Miller

Director, Foodservice Sales, East
Paul Sheehan-Director, Industrial Sales

Paul Sheehan

Director, Industrial Sales

Located just north of Highway 30 at exit 158; 30 miles west of Marshalltown and 10 miles east of Ames.

For international requests, please contact us at