Swiss American Sausage Co.

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With great taste and superior quality, our products make your pizza special

Swiss American Sausage Co
Distinctive Flavor– You’ll be proud to serve it on a pizza and your customers
will crave the popular West-Coast flavor.

Excellent Performance – Consistent piece count and slice dealability for more
accurate portion costs, reliable coverage and better operational control.

Classic Style PepperoniSince 1930 Swiss American Sausage Co. has been the West Coast source for high quality dry and Italian-style sausage products.
Whether you operate a pizzeria or restaurant, or you are a manufacturer, processor or distributor, you can count on Swiss American Sausage for the flavor, variety and quality your business needs.

Our facility in Lathrop, California, makes us optimally located for West Coast distribution. We’re committed to your satisfaction and we promise you the highest quality product delivered with the best customer service.

Contact us about more information on Swiss American products.

Swiss American product portfolio

Product Order Code Size Pack
Classic-Style Pepperoni – Combines the signature spicy West Coast-Style flavor and perfect deep cupping
Classic-Style Sliced Pepperoni 52357 19-20 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs
Classic-Style Sliced Pepperoni, Hot & Spicy 58363 19 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs
West Coast-Style Pepperoni & Sausages – Notable for its immediate smoky heat, popular on the West Coast
Sliced Pepperoni 52379 True 16 Slices/oz 2/12.5 lbs
Sliced Pepperoni 52384 19 Slices/oz 2/12.5 lbs
Sliced Beef Pepperoni 52374 True 15 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs
Sliced Pepperoni, Natural 63432 18 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs
Sliced Pepperoni, Large Diameter 52386 7 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs
Sliced Pepperoni, Sandwich-Style 52387 4 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs
Natural Sliced Italian Dry Salami 44943 8 Slices/oz 2/5 lbs
Sliced Italian Dry Salami 52367 8 Slices/oz 2/5 lbs
Sliced Linguicia 52344 10-14 Slices/oz 4/2.5 lbs
Raw Sausage – Premium raw sausage available in an assortment of distinctive flavor profiles
Raw Italian Sausage 52360 Bulk 4/5 lbs
Raw Italian Sausage, Mild 52352 Bulk 4/5 lbs
Raw Italian Sausage, Hot 70657 Bulk 4/5 lbs
Raw Italian Sausage Links, Mild 28711 4 Links/lb 1/10 lbs
Raw Linguica Sausage 06730 Bulk 4/5 lbs