Burke® Inspired Toppings - Go bold with our Mexican-inspired meats

Give diners the adventurous flavors they crave without adding BOH complexity. Our new Mexican-inspired meats are fully cooked and ready to pack a powerful punch of flavor to any dish.

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Burke® Inspired Toppings

Label Code Size Pack Size
Cooked Sausage with Salsa Verde-Style Seasonings 131134 Avg 12/oz 2/5#
Beef Meatballs with Smoky Chipotle Seasonings 130827 1 oz 2/5#
Chicken Sausage with Tinga-Style Seasonings 130828 35/oz Irregular 2/5#
Pork & Beef Meatballs with Albondigas-Style Seasonings 131228 .5 oz 2/5#
Chorizo Sausage Crumbles 130823 Crumble 2/5#
Mexican Style Beef Crumbles, Zesty 130825 40/oz 2/5#