Delicious opportunity for your operation.

As more people turn to alternative proteins, we’ve got you covered from sides to center plate. Our Plant-Based Alternatives are protein substitutes that are deliciously versatile for anyone who chooses greener fare. It’s our way of exceeding the standards of your diverse diners. And your chance to build delicious opportunity, from the ground up

Plant-Based Alternatives

  • Two varieties: fully cooked crumbles and uncooked ground
  • Versatile flavor that works across your menu
  • Pea protein is the primary ingredient
  • No allergens and soy free

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Plant-Based Alternatives

Label Code Size Pack Size
Plant-Based Crumbles, Fully Cooked 88427 22/oz 4/2.5lbs
Plant-Based Crumbles, Italian-Style, Fully Cooked 113810 30/oz 4/2.5 lbs
Plant-Based Crumbles, Chorizo-Style, Fully Cooked 114310 30/oz 4/2.5 lbs
Plant-Based Crumbles, Pepperoni-Style, Fully Cooked, IQF 127288 Fine Crumble 4/2.5 lbs