Burke Canadian-style bacon, ham shank & pork roll

  • Handcrafted, carefully smoked and slow cooked for authentic flavor
  • Wide variety to fit every menu and price point
  • Smoked with naturally flavored hickory smoke
  • Many slicing options available
  • Contain natural and/or synthetic inhibitors to guard against microbial growth
  • Vacuum-packed for longer shelf life

What are the differences?

  • Canadian bacon & Canadian-style bacon—May be made from pork loin or pork sirloin hips However, if made from pork sirloin hips, the product must be labeled as such
  • Ham shank roll—Made from shank meat from the ham
  • Pork roll—May use any type of pork trimmings
  • “Chunked and Formed” and “Water Added” products are permitted, provided proper labeling is used.



Canadian-Style Bacon

Order Code Label Code Size Pack Size
Sliced Canadian-Style Bacon 42411 42411 11 Slices/oz 4/2.5 lbs
Sliced Canadian-Style Bacon 57064 10032 54 Slices/lb 5/2 lbs
Diced Canadian-Style Bacon, IQF 19228 19228 1/4″ Dice 2/5 lbs
Diced Canadian-Style Bacon, IQF 57835 5030 1/4″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″ 4/5 lbs
Sliced Canadian-Style Bacon 44118 44118 13.5 Quartered slices/oz 4/2.5 lbs
Ham Shank Roll & Pork Roll
Sliced Ham Shank Roll 57071 10056 54 Slices/lb 5/2 lbs
Sliced Pork Roll 57314 20058 54 Slices/lb 5/2 lbs

Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program. Bulk packaging available.