Bring the right level of heat and flavor to the table and take advantage of the south-of-the-border flair of these fully cooked, authentic-tasting, convenient and tasty options.

  • Choice of meat crumbles or fillings made from a precise blend of beef or pork and authentic spices and seasonings
  • The convenience of fully cooked with flavors that taste like they came from your own kitchen
Order Code Label Code Size Pack Size
Taco Meat
All Meat
Mexican-Style Beef & Pork Crumbles, Mild 57592 3393 Fine crumble 2/5 lbs
Mexican-Style Beef Crumbles, Spicy 57593 3395 Crumble 2/5 lbs
Light Extension
Mexican-Style Beef Crumbles, Mild 57591 3391 Fine crumble 2/5 lbs
Moderate Extension
Mexican-Style Beef Crumbles, Mild 57229 14691 Crumble 2/5 lbs
All Meat
HAND-PINCHED STYLE® Chorizo Sausage 57307 20017 Avg 20/oz 2/5 lbs
Light Extension
Chorizo Pork Topping 57054 10017 Fine crumble 2/5 lbs

Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program. Bulk packaging available.