Our traditional and specialty beef toppings are well-suited for a variety of applications and dayparts, providing you tremendous versatility.

Add an extra savory touch to your favorite pizzas, or explore tacos, bowls, sandwiches and more. With limitless possibilities, you’ll push the limits of your creativity.

  • Proprietary cooking process utilizing impingement ovens, which sharpens flavors and prevents the off flavors sometimes associated with fluid cooking
  • Produced with fresh, rather than frozen meat for exceptional flavor
  • Exclusive, natural antioxidant blend extends the product life to give you the most for your investment while you please your customer
  • Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), our toppings can be used right from the freezer

Our huge variety gives you flexibility

  • Flavor – Grill to Italian and mild to spicy
  • Size – 4/oz to fine crumble
  • Shape – Crumble to uniformly round or oblong to the randomly craggy look of our Hand-Pinched Style® Toppings
  • Extension – All meat to high extension
  • Pack size – 5-lb bags to bulk packaging

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Beef Toppings
Order Code Label Code Size Pack Size
All Meat
Hand-Pinched Style® Seasoned Ground Beef 57671 40029 Avg 28/oz 2/5 lbs
Hand-Pinched Style® Beef Topping 57668 40024 Avg 12/oz 2/5 lbs
Seasoned Ground Beef 57669 40025 Crumble 2/5 lbs
Seasoned Ground Beef 57237 14828 Fine crumble 2/5 lbs
Seasoned Ground Beef 57718 42224 Fine crumble 4/5 lbs
Beef Topping 57027 0521 Fine crumble 4/5 lbs
Beef Topping, Spicy 57309 20021 32/oz Oblong 2/5 lbs
Light Extension
Beef Topping 31510 31510 Fine crumble 2/5 lbs
Moderate Extension
Beef Topping 57577 3323 24/oz 2/5 lbs
Beef Topping 57061 10028N 35/oz 4/5 lbs
Beef Topping 56985 0122 Fine crumble 2/5 lbs
Beef Topping 55719 0121 Fine crumble 1/20 lbs
Beef Topping 78166 78166 Fine crumble 6/5 lbs
Beef Topping, Italian Flavor 57284 1822 100/oz 4/5 lbs
High Extension
Beef Topping 58581 10023 40-45/oz Oblong 4/5 lbs
Beef Topping 57058 10022 40-45/oz Oblong 4/5 lbs
Beef & Chicken Pizza Topping 57507 30022 40-45/oz Oblong 4/5 lbs
Beef Specialty Toppings
All Meat
Beef Crumbles w/Corned Beef Flavoring 61218* 61218 45/oz 2/5 lbs
Moderate Extension
Gyro Beef Topping 57508 30029 12/oz Irregular flat 2/5 lbs

Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program. Bulk packaging available.
*Made to order products – lead time and minimums apply.