With its great taste and superior quality, our pepperoni makes your pizza special. You’ll be proud to serve it on your pizza, and your customers will have a memorable dining experience—maybe even share it through their favorite social networks.

We promise better coverage, consistent flavor and less frustration with both our traditional and our West-Coast style pepperoni — made possible with great dealability, as well as minimal cupping, charring, burning and greasing out.

True Count Pepperoni always delivers on slice count and means more pizzas per case and more revenue for your pizzeria.Want to see how much your pizzeria can save? Ask about our pepperoni slice count calculator.

Enjoy a wider range of pepperoni options to create the mouthwatering pizza your customers love.Pepperoni

Burke is now offering pepperoni from two legendary meat brands, the Premoro® brand and the Swiss American Sausage Co.™ brand. Burke has been offering high quality pepperoni for years under the Premoro® brand, known for its traditional flavor and consistent, great performance.

Swiss American Sausage Co., based in San Francisco, has been producing highly regarded pepperoni since 1930—a West Coast favorite, notable for its distinctive spicy-smoky heat.

Together under Burke, these two proven brands offer a wealth of choices of the best of the best pepperoni—all delicious, all consistent, all high quality.

What’s the right pepperoni for me?

  • Flavor – Traditional or West-Coast Style
  • Cup and char – Minimal vs. deep
  • Species – Pork and/or beef combinations
  • Color – Mild orange to red
  • Diameter – 38 mm to 65 mm
  • Slice count – Ranging from thin to thick, including our signature True Count

To view all Swiss American Sausage Co.™ products here.


Species Order Code Label Code Slice Count Pack Diameter
Traditional Pepperoni
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 57349 22061 True 16 Slices/oz 2/12.5 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 57350 22064 True 16 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 14990 14990 True 13 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni Pork, Beef 21793 21793 True 16 Slices/oz 2/12.5 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 52504 52504 19-20 Slices/oz 1/25 lbs 44 mm
Diced Pepperoni Pork, Beef 59637 10066 1/4” Cube 2/5 lbs N/A
Swiss American Sausage Co. Pepperoni
Classic West-Coast Style
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 52370 52370 True 16 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 52379 52379 True 16 Slices/oz 2/12.5 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni, Hot & Spicy Pork & Beef 58363 58363 19-20 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 32 mm
Specialty West-Coast Style
Deep Cupping Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 52357 52357 19-20 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 38 mm
Sliced Beef Pepperoni Beef 52374 52374 True 15 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 44 mm
Sliced Pepperoni Pork & Beef 52386 52386 7 Slices/oz 1/10 lbs 65 mm

Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program. Bulk packaging available.