Round out your menu

With Burke fully cooked meatballs, you get delicious authenticity in a variety of flavors and sizes, giving you options for taking meatballs into bold new directions. Ours are oven-cooked, not fried, so the texture and flavor are just right for sandwiches, pizza, pastas, you name it. As close to your own homemade as you’ll be able to find.

Reap the benefits of Burke meatballs

  • Oven-cooked, not fried, to lock in delicious flavor
  • Made from wholesome ingredients you would use in your own kitchen: premium quality beef and pork, whole eggs, Romano cheese, ricotta cheese, authentic spices and bread crumbs
  • Firm texture for a satisfying bite
  • Unique size options—small to large, round, flat or bias-sliced—for adding trendy and upscale signature items to the menu
  • Eye appealing, hand-rolled appearance without the time-consuming process
  • Gluten-free meatballs now available.


Wedding Soup Meatballs, Italian-Style

Order Code Label Code Size Pack Size
Meatballs, Italian-Style
All Meat
Beef & Pork Meatballs, Italian-Style w/Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese 57649 38980 .5 oz 2/5 lbs
57650 38981 1 oz 2/5 lbs
57651 38982 2 oz 2/5 lbs
Beef Meatballs, Italian-Style w/Imported Pecorino Romano Cheeses 69426 69426 1 oz 2/5 lbs
Light Extension
Beef & Pork Meatballs, Italian Style w/Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese 66275 66275 1 oz 2/5 lbs
66276 66276 1.5 oz 2/5 lbs
66277 66277 2 oz 2/5 lbs
All Meat
Pork & Beef Wedding Soup Meatballs, Italian-Style w/Ricotta & Romano Cheese 57325 20089 13/oz Round 2/5 lbs
Meatballs, Home-Style
Light Extension
Beef Meatballs 57080 10081 .5 oz 2/5 lbs
57079 10080 1 oz 2/5 lbs
Chicken & Beef Meatballs 57324 20088 .5 oz 2/5 lbs
Moderate Extension
Beef Meat Patty Balls 58587 16388 .5 oz 2/5 lbs

Processed with some of the industry’s strictest quality standards and a stringent HACCP program.
Bulk packaging available.